Happy Simple Living blogEliza’s lifestyle blog Happy Simple Living features articles, recipes, photos and tips about simplicity, sustainable living, good food, home design, organic gardening, saving money, and having more fun.

Happy Simple Living is the home of the annual January Money Diet, which has been featured by Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, FOX-31 NewsThe Denver Post, and other media. Each January, hundreds of participants join the diet to take a radical break from spending and begin the new year financially strong.

Bensa Bacon BlogWhen she wrote 101 Things To Do With Bacon as part of the popular cookbook series for Gibbs Smith Publishers, Eliza was delighted by readers’ enthusiasm for the topic.

To serve ardent bacon-lovers across the globe, Eliza founded the bacon enthusiasts’ society BENSA. Unlike the intellectuals’ society MENSA, BENSA welcomes people of all IQs. Instead of a lengthy intelligence test, members need only pass a short quiz—the Bacon Bensa Intelligence Test (otherwise known as the Bacon B.I.T.). The Hot Bacon Blog features bacon news, stories and recipes.