Eliza Cross speaking


Hire Eliza to deliver a transformational message to your group

With practical wisdom, humor and heart, Eliza brings her down-to-earth, personal style of communication and inspiration to your group. Each presentation is tailored to your organization’s goals and desired outcome.

Stacy Boone“Eliza was energetic, spot-on, and she inspired our group with her confidence and insights. I can’t wait to create a new event and invite Eliza to be the featured speaker.” – Stacy Boone, co-founder of Step Outdoors and creator of the Pagosa Women’s Weekend

Eliza’s presentations are available in the following formats:

  • Keynote Speech: 45 minutes – 1 hour, great for diverse audiences
  • Breakout Seminar: 1 – 3 hours, highly interactive
  • Workshop: Half day or all day, in-depth and interactive
  • Luncheon speech: 30 to 45 minutes, targeted and entertaining
  • Webinar: 1 – 3 hours, easily accessible, ideal for organizations with employees in multiple locations

Her speaking clients include the University of Denver Enrichment Program, The Women’s Exchange of Denver, Energy Central, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Step Outdoors, Colorado Library Districts, and many others.

Keynote Topics

Gold, Nuts & Honey
Money Strategies to Create a Truly Prosperous Life

You work hard for your money; shouldn’t you do something extraordinary with it? Eliza believes our finances should be a wellspring of opportunity and security, not a source of worry and stress.

She teaches a simple method of exploring and identifying Gold—your deepest financial goals. Then she delves into enlightening strategies for cutting and managing expenses, so you can invest more in the areas that are truly valuable and important.

By more consciously managing money in a way that supports your deepest priorities, you’ll enjoy a more intentional life of true prosperity, purpose, and peace.

Participants will learn:

  • How to set value-based financial goals for more conscious money management
  • Easy-to-apply techniques to stop wasting money and start investing in the things that matter
  • Simple strategies to align finances and priorities for more peace, less conflict, and increased work satisfaction

This program can be customized from a 1 hour keynote to a full-day session, depending on the needs and goals of your group.


Less is the New More
Simplify to Enjoy More Time, Focus and Satisfaction

How do you find balance and simplicity in a busy world? In this fun, interactive presentation, Eliza shares specific strategies and ideas for creating a simpler, more peaceful, fulfilling lifestyle that reflects your truest values and priorities.

Participants learn practical applications to transform their lives at work and home:

  • How to prioritize and set positive intentions each day
  • Techniques to manage technology and avoid burn-out
  • Easy ways to care for your body and maintain good health
  • Practical strategies for eating great food
  • Decluttering systems to create calm, organized spaces
  • Methods to foster deep, restful, restorative sleep

This program can be customized from a 1 hour keynote to a full-day session, depending on the needs and goals of your group.

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