A screenshot of the website home page for the BENSA Bacon Lovers Society.

The BENSA Bacon Lovers Society is a fun blog serving a community of BACON lovers! If you’re crazy about the flavor of crispy, crunchy bacon, you’ll love BENSA.

BENSA features the best bacon recipes, artisan bacon makers and chefs, bacon cooking guides, 25 ways to use bacon fat, bacon events, how to cook bacon in the oven, funny memes, bacon nutrition facts  and more. Bacon makes everything better!

A screenshot of Eliza Cross's monthly newsletter, Hot Cross Buns.

Eliza’s monthly newsletter Hot Cross Buns features easy ideas for richer living.

Topics include recipes for great food, ideas for creating a peaceful home, easy gardening articles, interviews with inspiring people, money-stretching tips, book reviews and giveaways, real life personal essays and more. (Subscribe here.)