bensa bacon lovers society website

The BENSA Bacon Lovers Society is a fun blog serving a community of BACON lovers! If you’re crazy about the flavor of crispy, crunchy bacon, you’ll love BENSA.

BENSA features the best bacon recipes, artisan bacon makers and chefs, bacon cooking guides, 25 ways to use bacon fat, bacon events, how to cook bacon in the oven, funny memes, bacon nutrition facts  and more. Bacon makes everything better!

The YOLO Blog homepage

Eliza’s lifestyle blog features easy ideas for richer living.

Topics include recipes for great food, ideas for creating a peaceful home, easy gardening articles, interviews with inspiring people, money-stretching tips, book reviews and giveaways, real life personal essays and more.

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The annual January Money Diet challenge is a 31-day break from nonessential spending that attracts thousands of people from all over the world. With tips and challenges to stretch your money so you can use it for something amazing, the money diet has been featured by Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, FOX-31 News, The Denver Post, and other media. The Money Diet Facebook Group is a community of savers who share tips, questions and articles about saving money for the things that really matter.

Happy Simple Living blog

Eliza’s lifestyle blog Happy Simple Living was published from 2006 to 2018. The archive contains all of the articles, recipes, photos and tips about simplicity, sustainable living, good food, home design, organic gardening, saving money, and having more fun.