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Testimonials from the January Money Diet Class of 2021

“This JMD went well. … What I’m happiest about is being able to put over $600 more into savings than what I typically do, and reached my savings goal for replacing my 10-year old car sometime in 2021.” – Steve K.

“I love the January Money Diet, because it gets my focus back on what can I do to change my situation.” – Kathleen P.

“I’ve done the JMD for many years now, and I would say this was my most successful. I am pretty frugal as is, but used this opportunity increase our savings. … When I went to stash the cash that I made from selling old toys on eBay, I decided to add a few hundred dollars from our Covid-relief check to give our savings a nice round number.” – Emilia B.

Together, we can help each other be more mindful of our finances and do extraordinary things with our money. I look forward to sharing this challenge with you.

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