January Money Diet

January Money Diet

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Live well, save money and have a fabulous time–all without spending cash!

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Thanks to the 2021 JMD’s Lead Sponsor, Your Money Further

The 2021 January Money Diet was sponsored by YourMoneyFurther.com and the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign. Learn more about how to join a credit union and get more for your money by visiting Your Money Further



Testimonials from the January Money Diet Class of 2020


“I saved about 50% of my net income and paid off my yearly student loan repayment plan in full.”


“After being a smoker for 43 years I decided ten days ago enough is enough and haven’t picked up a cigarette yet. Huge savings for sure.”


“I really love this great reminder of how empowering being more mindful of our money really is. The resources, the simplicity, and your sharing personal challenges are all very worthwhile.”


“It was a fun challenge to make our meals with what we had and use up our grooming products before we bought more, which made it easy to organize our cabinets–and nothing went to waste.”


“When I spend less, I have more time to spend in nature, going for joy rides with my hubby and dogs, reading and crossstitching. The January Money Diet helped me see things about my life that transcend how I spend my money.”


Together, we can help each other be more mindful of our finances and do extraordinary things with our money. I look forward to sharing this challenge with you.

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