How to do a Digital Declutter

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Have you ever done a digital declutter? This guide will give you plenty of ideas and tips for tidying your computers, mobile devices and online spaces.

While plenty has been written about decluttering at home and there are numerous television shows and books about how to do it. the clutter we accumulate on our devices can be just as troublesome.

What is your digital equivalent of a messy closet? For me, it’s my email inbox. I’ve been letting emails accumulate in my Gmail inbox, and it’s time for a purge!

A simple gray desk with a computer monitor, plant and lamp. Two stools are in front.

Advantages of Tidying Up Devices

You’ll free up space – By regularly evaluating your digital files and spaces, you’ll have more room available for new technology and be better able to enjoy the experience of using your device.

Improved speed – Computers and mobile devices may run more smoothly because they’re optimized instead of bogged down with old stuff.

Better focus – Fewer distractions may help your attention span and ability to focus on the things you want to accomplish each day.

Reduce stress – A clean online environment will give you a peaceful setting to do your best work.

Potential to save money – Perhaps you don’t need all that extra Cloud storage after you remove all the extra files, photos and apps you weren’t using.

Digital Decluttering Checklist

Here are some places you might like to tidy up, where digital clutter tends to accumulate:

  1. E-mails you no longer need
  2. E-mail newsletters you never read
  3. Promotional emails from companies
  4. Photos – duplicates, sunrises, low quality images, etc.
  5. Mobile device apps you no longer need
  6. Old messages on your mobile device
  7. Computer programs you no longer use
  8. Files you don’t need
  9. Desktop bookmarks you no longer visit
  10. Old Notes files and folders
  11. Downloads folder full of old installation files
  12. Social media groups that are no longer relevant
  13. Contacts you haven’t contacted in years

How About You?

Do you have any suggestions to add to the digital decluttering list above? What strategies do you have for maintaining a clean and uncluttered digital workspace?

I always love hearing your comments and strategies. And if you’re interested in also doing some real world house decluttering, you might enjoy “Create a Peaceful Home.”

If you use Pinterest to save and share ideas, here’s a handy pin:

A tidy desk with a computer monitor, plant and lamp, and two stools in front.

1 thought on “How to do a Digital Declutter”

  1. I had so many deleted mail and old mail that I knew it was more than time. Permanently deleted and added on my monthly to do sheet. I am a list maker and if I don’t put it on I will forget. Also put on my list weekly to delete history. I have gotten bad at that and it takes up a lot of space also. God bless


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