Captain Crunch French Toast

Golden brown baked Captain Crunch french toast with bacon and syrup.

Captain Crunch French Toast is sweet, crunchy and absolutely decadent for breakfast or brunch. Crispy bacon is the perfect accompaniment; add some fresh fruit on the side, and you can boast that your French Toast is “part of a balanced breakfast.”  I’ve always loved Cap’n Crunch cereal. As a child raised in Boulder, Colorado by … Read more

Try Weensy Little Micro Goals For Big Results

A man in athletic clothing doing pushups while holding hand weights.

I’m a fan of setting micro goals to make big things happen. Let me explain. Many of us struggle to set realistic New Year’s resolutions and accomplish all of our hopes and plans. Instead, I’m a fan of making tiny little micro goals I might actually achieve.  For instance, if I’m procrastinating on a project … Read more

Crispy Meringue Pavlova with Berries

Our mom has been making this crispy meringue pavlova with berries, a classic dessert, for as long as I can remember. Some call it Pavlova or Vacherin, while the Joy of Cooking simply calls it a Meringue. Imagine a crispy, sweet, light-as-air cookie like a French macaron, topped with ice cream and fresh berries. It’s … Read more

15 Inspiring Frugal Living Blogs

A woman looking at a frugal living blog on a computer monitor while eating a sandwich and holding a coffee cup.

These frugal living blogs are full of ideas, inspiration and information about how to live well while spending less money. These websites include food and meal planning tips, money management and financial help, frugal and self sufficient living, thrifty home and DIY projects, and simple living ideas to fuel your inspiration all year. Food and … Read more

Clever Ways to Save Money

By practicing a number of clever ways to save money, we can incorporate many strategies practiced faithfully over time that can have a huge impact on our financial bottom line. Small savings can add up, and little changes can grow into big results. The beautiful thing is that none of these steps will affect our … Read more

3 Regular Savings Accounts Everyone Needs

a man's hand putting coins in a pink piggy bank next to a percentage sign graphic.

Aside from investment and retirement accounts, there are three regular savings accounts that can help you build more security and avoid taking on unplanned debt. Even if you already have a regular savings account, you may wish to consider opening another one (or two). By preparing for both planned and unplanned expenses, you’ll simplify your … Read more

25 Things to Make From Scratch

Homemade dog biscuits on a gray work surface.

These 25 things to make from scratch are homemade versions of products that you might normally buy from the store. By learning how to make our own staples, breads, cookies, cereal, home goods, cleaning products and treats, we’ll save money, have fun, and learn to make some new things! This post may contain affiliate links. … Read more