Crispy Meringue Pavlova with Berries

Our mom has been making this crispy meringue pavlova with berries, a classic dessert, for as long as I can remember. Some call it Pavlova or Vacherin, while the Joy of Cooking simply calls it a Meringue. Imagine a crispy, sweet, light-as-air cookie like a French macaron, topped with ice cream and fresh berries. It’s … Read more

25 Things to Make From Scratch

Homemade dog biscuits on a gray work surface.

These 25 things to make from scratch are homemade versions of products that you might normally buy from the store. By learning how to make our own staples, breads, cookies, cereal, home goods, cleaning products and treats, we’ll save money, have fun, and learn to make some new things! This post may contain affiliate links. … Read more

14 Meals You Can Make from Your Pantry and Freezer

Pasta with butter

Dear friends,

Whether you’re planning meals to save money or preparing for a pandemic, having a well-stocked pantry and freezer makes it so much easier to cook from home. Stock up on a few basics, and you can easily make two weeks’ worth of easy meals.

Here are 14 ideas for you, and at the end of the article I’ve included lists of items you can tuck in your freezer and pantry so you have lots of options.

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