33 Ways to Improve Your Life From Home

Working from home during the coronavirus


Dear friends,

Over the weekend, I learned that a guest at an event I had attended tested positive for coronavirus. In an abundance of caution, as they say, we were asked to self-quarantine through this Saturday. So I am homebound, content to be hunkered down with family and pets.

As we ride out this pandemic, we’ll no doubt discover

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7 Jobs I Hope You Have – A Letter to My Teenage Son

Restaurant cashier


Dear son,

You’ve been trying hard to find a part-time job, and I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet. You’re still at the beginning stage when you have to leave the ‘Experience’ section blank on applications, but it won’t be long before someone smart takes a chance on you and you’re launched.

I was 15 when I landed my first job at McDonald’s restaurant in Boulder. The uniforms at that time were blue polyester with matching pointed hats. Unfortunately, the only pants they had on hand were a size XXL. I had to secure the elastic with a large safety pin, which gave the pants a nice bunchy, balloony effect.

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The Mindful Day Book Giveaway


Dear friends,

Earlier this week I wrote about my 17 hour experiment in paying attention. Instead of being on autopilot, I made a real effort to have a mindful day. Keeping with the topic of mindfulness, I’d like to share one of my favorite books with you.

The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy From Morning to Evening by Laurie J. Cameron is a guide in how to slow down and be more present during every moment of the day. 

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