10 Benefits of a Library Card

A large library filled with shelves of books, and a two-story spiral staircase in the middle of the room.

There are so many benefits of a library card! As you may know, libraries have evolved into places that do so much more than lend books. Your neighborhood library can be a rich source of entertainment and education…and best of all, everything is free. We live just a few blocks from a wonderful public library, … Read more

7 Ways to Simplify Finances

Pink flowers in the background, and the quote "The things we tend to, tend to thrive" overlaid.

These seven tasks will help you simplify finances and reduce worry so you can focus on making your money grow. I don’t know about you, but I can easily procrastinate on “boring” money tasks like updating a will or reviewing insurance. The thing is, tackling these chores can help us sleep better at night, save … Read more

How to do a Digital Declutter

A simple gray desk topped with a computer monitor, lamp and plant. Two white stools are in front.

Have you ever done a digital declutter? This guide will give you plenty of ideas and tips for tidying your computers, mobile devices and online spaces. While plenty has been written about decluttering at home and there are numerous television shows and books about how to do it. the clutter we accumulate on our devices … Read more

What Is Your Financial Dream?

Two chairs on a beach topped with a yellow umbrella

It’s important to step back occasionally and think about the Big Picture financial dream. When you think about being in a good place with money, what does that look like? If you had enough money to be comfortable, what would that allow you to do? I’ve been doing this challenge for many years, and I … Read more

How to Reduce Ancillary Expenses

cut monthly expenses

Cutting ancillary expenses is one of the most effective ways to improve your bottom line. The bills we pay month after month, year after year, can really add up. Companies love to commit us to long contracts and automatic monthly payments, so we need to be vigilant about evaluating our ongoing expenses. Keeping our monthly … Read more

Check In and Win

A scale with the text Check In and Win

Dear friends, We’re fifty percent in on the January Money Diet as of this weekend. Congratulations! For the next 16 days, we’ll stick together and encourage each other to finish the challenge STRONG. We can accomplish such good things with our money this month, if we all hang in there and persevere. Win a Starbucks … Read more

How to Earn Extra Money From Home

Earn Extra Money

These tips for how to earn extra money from home can really jump-start your finances this year. When I was a magazine publishing executive managing a multi-million dollar budget, I learned a simple truth: If you want more money on the bottom line, it’s usually easier to get there by earning more revenue than cutting … Read more