Facing My Worst Self in the Grocery Line

A happy cow in a field.

Every few weeks, I drive to my local Sprouts store and buy a couple bags of organic Guatemalan coffee. This particular Sprouts store is a rather, shall we say, relaxed establishment where long lines are part of the experience. On a recent Thursday at 5 p.m., three cashiers were open and the lines of people stretched all … Read more

A Letter to My 17 Year Old Self

Eliza Cross at 17 years old.

This is a post I wrote a few birthdays ago. As the years pass, I find that I’m more introspective on my birthday — so deeply grateful for another year and all of the experiences and blessings of this life. I recently found a photo of myself taken about forty years ago. As I studied … Read more

Try Weensy Little Micro Goals For Big Results

A man in athletic clothing doing pushups while holding hand weights.

I’m a fan of setting micro goals to make big things happen. Let me explain. Many of us struggle to set realistic New Year’s resolutions and accomplish all of our hopes and plans. Instead, I’m a fan of making tiny little micro goals I might actually achieve.  For instance, if I’m procrastinating on a project … Read more

Capture Your Memories of the Pandemic

world temporarily closed

Dear friends, When you think back on this unusual year, which memories of the pandemic stand out for you? If you haven’t already done so, perhaps you’d enjoy capturing some of your recollections while they’re still fresh in your mind. Who knows? Your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and the events of 2020 may someday … Read more