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January Money Diet

Let’s Finish Something This Month

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Dear friends,

Today’s challenge is about using these quiet January days to get un-stuck.

We all seem to have those stalled projects we never quite get around to completing. What unfinished task could you wrap up this month? Perhaps it’s the second coat of paint on the baseboard trim, or the final rows on the blanket you were knitting, or the ending to the short story you started, or finishing the winter garden clean-up.

Last year at this time, my unfinished task was to hang two towel bars in my son’s bathroom. I already had the materials, but kept procrastinating because I needed to remove the old hardware (attached with sagging molly bolts), patch the wall and touch up the paint.

My quiet hours during the January Money Diet proved to be the perfect time to tackle the upgrade, and gave my son a sturdy place to hang towels which was an added benefit.

How About You?

Could you rescue a project from its current holding pattern, using materials you already have on hand? Think of the enormous satisfaction and sense of accomplishment we’ll all feel when we finish something.

We’d love to hear what tasks you complete during this January Money Diet month. Feel free to post your photos and comments on the Money Diet Community Facebook Group. Here’s to your success!

You’ll hear from me again tomorrow, when we delve into the big topic of saving energy. Until then, enjoy a beautiful day.

Best always,

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P.S. Thanks to the 2021 January Money Diet’s generous sponsor, you could win up to $250 in cash prizes this year! Full details may be found on the January Money Diet page. 

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Finish a project

Eliza Cross is the author of 15 books, including recent titles like Bacon Beans and Beer and Small Bites. She blogs at and is the founder of the BENSA Bacon Lovers Society. Her articles have appeared in publications like Sunset, Parents and Writers' Digest. Eliza lives near Denver with her family.

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