How Do You Calculate Your Net Worth?

If you’ve ever wondered “How do you calculate your net worth?” we’re here to help. Completing this simple exercise is one of the most important things you can do to really improve your financial bottom line. Our family’s finances didn’t really start moving in the right direction until I began calculating our Net Worth each … Read more

Let’s Finish a Project

Close up of a woman's hands knitting with yellow yarn.

If you’ve ever thought, “I can’t stop procrastinating,” you’re not alone. We all seem to have those stalled projects we never quite get around to completing. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement. What unfinished task could you wrap up this month? Perhaps it’s the second coat of paint on the baseboard trim, or the … Read more

13 Ways to Save Energy at Home

A dozen different lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling on wires.

Figuring out how to save energy at home is a wonderful way to save money and take care of the planet. Today we’re going to explore ways to save by lowering our home energy bills. We’ll enjoy the financial rewards of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g our money, and we’ll have the added environmental benefit of reducing our own … Read more

How to Crush Debt

Crush Debt this year

If one of your financial goals is to crush debt this year, you’re not alone. The average American currently has about $23,325 in personal debt, not including home mortgages, according to a recent study by Northwestern Mutual. How will we ever accomplish the important things we want to do with our money, when we’re stuck paying for stuff … Read more

Go on a Scavenger Hunt at Home

A shaving brush, cutting board, wooden spoons, linen napkins, loofa, plant and balls of string.

Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt at home? Today’s challenge is to go through your home’s closets and drawers looking for those unused things we all tend to hold on to for “Someday.” Find Your Hidden Treasures We might begin our home scavenger hunts with the bathroom cabinets; are there shampoo samples, fancy … Read more

Could Your Wallet Use the January Money Diet?

January money diet empty wallet

I launched the January Money Diet after the holidays in 2007, when I overspent and used credit cards to pay for things I couldn’t afford (including several pricey gifts for ME).  I had big money goals for the year ahead, but felt like I was starting out in the hole.

Can you relate? Could your finances use a reset? Join us for the 13th year of the January Money Diet, and you’ll learn dozens of creative ways to save money.

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