7 Good Things – Christmas Cookies, Holiday Fails and Yuletide Fun

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Dear friends,

Are you enjoying the holiday season? Here’s a round-up of fun, festive finds this week: 

1. It’s Cookie Time

Homemade Milano cookies? Oh yes yes yes, HECK YES. Visit Baked Ambrosia for Angelina’s heavenly recipe. While you’re at it, be sure to check out my friend Kathleen’s sweet, chewy, easy Salted Chocolate Graham Bites over at The Fresh Cooky blog. 

2. A Note to Myself

Note from myself

I just discovered this note that I wrote myself last December, tucked inside a devotional book.  In past years I’ve sometimes overextended myself, and wound up sick on Christmas Day. Can you relate? I’m so grateful for the reminder to relax, enjoy the season, get extra sleep, take vitamin C, and help my son, too. How about you? Do you need a little encouragement to slow down and be extra good to yourself this month?   

3. Instagram Account I Can’t Stop Looking At

My 100 year old home

My 100 Year Old Home is my latest guilty Instagram pleasure. Blogger Leslie Saeta shares lovely photos of her beautifully decorated home, mouth-watering foods (like her famous peanut butter fudge), her fun flea market finds, and DIY projects like how to make your own fun holiday wrapping paper

4. Book I’m Enjoying:

Placemaker book

Placemaker: Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty and Peace (that’s an affiliate link) by Christie Purifoy really speaks to my heart. It’s partly a spiritual book and partly a memoir about Christie’s experience restoring a Pennsylvania farmhouse with her family.

She reminds us that the cultivation of good and beautiful places, the urge to put down roots no matter where we’re planted. and the creation of a warm, welcoming home is not a frivolous undertaking, but rather a holy pursuit.  

5. 24 Old-Fashioned Things To Do for the Holidays

old fashioned Christmas ideas

Have you ever noticed that often it’s the simple things we do together that produce the best memories? From the archives, here are two dozen nostalgic activities you can do this holiday season to get in the Christmas spirit.

6. Holiday Bloopers

Try as we may to make things perfectly beautiful, our holiday celebrations are ripe for mishaps and mayhem. Watch a few clips from Tiger Funnies’ video compilation of the Funniest Christmas Moments and chuckle at some epic yuletide fails. 

7. Notable Quote:

Night sky and trees

“May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”


Sending you good tidings during these precious December days.

Best always,

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