31 Ways to Splurge When You’re on a Money Diet

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Frugal ways to splurge


Dear friends,

The January Money Diet starts tomorrow, and I can’t wait to explore all the ways we can spend less money and live well as we start the new year together.

Let’s begin this challenge with a mindset of being extra-good and kind to ourselves. Let’s explore what it means to splurge. We can treat ourselves well, enjoy the things we already have, and experience the wonderful peace that comes from not overspending.

Here are 31 ideas, and I encourage you to share your experiences and post your photos. If you add the #JanuaryMoneyDiet hashtag, I’ll share your photos on social media so others can be inspired, too. 

31 Ways to Splurge During a Money Diet

    1. Sleep long and well.
    2. Enjoy a warm drink.
    3. Make your bedroom a haven.
    4. Listen to a fun podcast.
    5. Watch the sun set.
    6. Learn something new.
    7. Say 3 kind things to yourself.
    8. Read a great book.
    9. Breathe deeply.
    10. Make soup.
    11. Visit the library.
    12. Stretch.
    13. Listen to your favorite music.
    14. Gaze at the stars.
    15. Drink refreshing water.
    16. Watch a funny movie.
    17. Write a gratitude list.
    18. Bake a treat.
    19. Take a long, hot bath.
    20. Plan a garden.
    21. Wear your favorite clothes.
    22. Spend time in the sunshine.
    23. Light candles at night.
    24. Massage your hands and feet.
    25. Take fun photos.
    26. Cook a comforting meal.
    27. Go on a nature walk.
    28. Take a nap.
    29. Spend time with a good friend.
    30. Take the scenic route.
    31. Write your hopes for 2020.

How About You?

What could you do in January to treat yourself well while you’re taking a spending break? I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and you’ll hear from me tomorrow with a fun challenge to kick off the new year. 

Best always,

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31 ways to splurge


Grateful thanks to Annie Spratt for the use of her beautiful bedroom photo above. 

3 thoughts on “31 Ways to Splurge When You’re on a Money Diet”

  1. I look forward to your Jan money diet each year! Taking one month at the start each year to simplify my life , spending and focus is a great way to start 2020!

  2. This is a great reminder every year about what’s really important and makes me happy. It’s not expensive gifts, it’s coming up with a personal creative project.

    Thank you for the reminder Eliza!

  3. I love these and do most of them regularly. Great list…really centering stuff. If anyone wants a great funny movie to consider, look for The Philadelphia Story (1940 with Kate, Jimmy and Cary). And if you get it through the library, you can check off two things!


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