The January Money Diet Needs You

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The next January Money Diet starts Jan. 1, 2021. (You can sign up here!)

As you probably know, the JMD is a fun, free 31-day challenge which helps thousands of people from all over the world save money and start the new year financially strong.

New this year, you could win exciting prizes–including a $250 cash prize sponsored by Your Money and the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign.

Help Spread the Word

Would you be willing to help by letting others know about the event? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great deal of financial uncertainty for many, and my hope is to connect and help as many people as possible this year. 

As a special incentive, I’ll give away a $50 Target gift card to one lucky helper.


Target gift card

Each time you share the JMD to your social media platforms, in an email or text, in your Facebook group, in a newsletter, or however you do it, just let me know by tagging #JanuaryMoneyDiet in the post or sending me an email at eliza @ elizacross . com. 

I’ll keep track, and each share/email/promotion earns you a raffle ticket in a special drawing for a $50 Target gift card.

I’ll draw the winner’s name on Jan. 2, 2021 and notify you right away if you’ve won.

Words and Images to Share

Here are some resources you are free to use if you’d like. 

Sample post for Facebook:

Have you signed up for the 2021 January Money Diet yet? It’s fun and free, with tons  of ideas to save money and start the new year financially strong. Sign up at  #JanuaryMoneyDiet

Sample post for Twitter:

This year I’m doing the January Money Diet challenge to save money and start 2021 financially strong. It’s fun and free! Join at #JanuaryMoneyDiet sponsored by @moneyfurther

Images and graphics you can use for Twitter or Facebook:


January Money Diet 2021


January Money Diet


January Money Diet


Images for Instagram:


January Money Diet 2021


January Money Diet 2021


Hashtags you can use:

#januarymoneydiet #budget #savemoney #savingmoney #debtfreecommunity  #moneygoals #networth #yourmoneyfurther #CUDifference #2021 #debtfree #newyearresolution #newyearsresolutions #moneygoals #budget #chaseyourdreams  #financialfreedom  #inspirationoftheday #moneymatters #debtfreejourney #financialpeace #resolution #nospendmonth #nospendjanuary #yolo #theyoloblog #nospendmonth #yourbestyear 

Thank you for helping spread the word, and here’s to a healthy, successful and prosperous new year.


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2 thoughts on “The January Money Diet Needs You”

  1. So excited to do this! January is such a dull month for me, and I love having a special challenge to push me to accomplish something great that month.

    • FraidyCat – I’m excited that you’ll be part of this year’s January Money Diet! I agree with you about having a challenge during January — saving and stretching money with the group always helps and inspires me, too.

      Readers, check out Fraidy Cat Finance for interesting and entertaining posts about money. Here’s one I recommend, about how automating investing and saving has helped the author and her husband Mr. Blue Sky stick to their goals:



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