Go on a Scavenger Hunt at Home

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Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt at home? Today’s challenge is to go through your home’s closets and drawers looking for those unused things we all tend to hold on to for “Someday.”

Find Your Hidden Treasures

A shaving brush, cutting board, wooden spoons, linen napkins, loofa, plant and balls of string.

We might begin our home scavenger hunts with the bathroom cabinets; are there shampoo samples, fancy soaps, loofahs, and pedicure kits hiding on the shelves? Let’s actually use those nice things and pamper ourselves. Hey, we deserve it!

(And while we’re at it, why don’t we go ahead and take our vitamins every day this month? And floss?)

Treasures in the Kitchen

What about those specialty kitchen appliances and gadgets gathering dust? Let’s use our fondue pots and pasta machines and waffle irons this month, shall we?

Take inventory of your pantry and freezer, too; do you have any fancy, gourmet items or forgotten goodies lurking back in the shelves? Plan to enjoy those treats, clear some shelf space and save money on food this month.

While you’re at it. plan to use the cloth napkins, placemats and candles to set a pretty table for some special meals.

Treasures for Projects

What about unused craft and scrapbooking supplies? Home improvement materials? Fabric and notions? Yarn and knitting needles? Office supplies? Blank journals? January is a splendid month to take on a project using things we already have.

Take a look around the closets and drawers of your home, and you might find a treasure trove of good stuff just waiting to be used up and enjoyed.

After you’ve gone on a scavenger hunt around your home, feel free to post some of your treasures or highlights on our Facebook Group. You can also use the hashtag #JanuaryMoneyDiet on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. You know we’re all just dying to hear what you unearth.

Treat yourself to a long soak and use the scented bath salts. Try out the shaving brush you got for Christmas and enjoy a nice shave. Light the scented candles. Wear your silk pajamas. Play your music and dance!

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1 thought on “Go on a Scavenger Hunt at Home”

  1. I have done well this month. Made my budget for the month and have stuck to it. Have not gone to the store for anything and eating from the pantry. Its hard because you hear the empty shelves from friends and family. We are doing a no media month( no tv and limit 1 hour a day for internet so I don’t open February with 1000’s of emails) Last year showed us that we could live on little because we had to. Went though 3 rooms and have donated 20 items. Have decided this will be a no spend year so we can hopefully get back on track. God’s blessing to all


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