Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs and Other Treats

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Wisconsin cream puffs

Dear friends,

Here are 7 Good Things I’ve been exploring recently:

1. I learned from NPR that when attending the Wisconsin State Fair, one must try their signature giant cream puffs. My sister-in-law in Milwaukee confirmed that, indeed, the crispy, fist-sized puffs filled with sweetened whipped cream are legendary. Until we can visit, I’m going to try Shirley’s Copy Cat Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs recipe from her delectable Anns-Liee blog.

Rare Objects book

2. What are you reading right now? I’m engrossed in Rare Objects by Kathleen Tessaro. It’s a fascinating tale about Maeve Fanning, a young woman with a checkered past (and a weakness for strange men and bootleg booze)  who lands a job at an eccentric antiques shop in Depression-era Boston. Thanks to my friend Darla Worden for always recommending the best books.

3. Does your mind ever get in a loop fretting over and over about something, like mine does? Seth Godin shares doable tips for de-escalating worries and cultivating calm.

4.  When I need a mental break, I love peeking at Pat’s Instagram photos of her country home and nature walks at @almost3acres.

5. How to build a lifelong exercise habit.

dandelion and bumblebee

6. Spring is just around the corner. How do you feel about those little yellow flowers poking up through the lawn? From the archives:  “Remembering the Puzzling Days of the Dandelion.

7. Five years ago, a baby moose wandered into the lobby of the Antlers at Vail hotel and made the national news. Here’s what happened to the little moose on the loose.

Quote of the week:  “If you want to have good ideas, you need to have a lot of bad ideas, too.” – Austin Kleon

How about you?

What are you reading, cooking and percolating about this week? I love hearing your ideas and recommendations.

Best always,

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