Go on a Scavenger Hunt at Home

A shaving brush, cutting board, wooden spoons, linen napkins, loofa, plant and balls of string.

Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt at home? Today’s challenge is to go through your home’s closets and drawers looking for those unused things we all tend to hold on to for “Someday.” Find Your Hidden Treasures We might begin our home scavenger hunts with the bathroom cabinets; are there shampoo samples, fancy … Read more

Could Your Wallet Use the January Money Diet?

January money diet empty wallet

I launched the January Money Diet after the holidays in 2007, when I overspent and used credit cards to pay for things I couldn’t afford (including several pricey gifts for ME).  I had big money goals for the year ahead, but felt like I was starting out in the hole.

Can you relate? Could your finances use a reset? Join us for the 13th year of the January Money Diet, and you’ll learn dozens of creative ways to save money.

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The Joy of Taking Care of Things

Fix and Maintain What You Have

People of our grandparents’ generation grew up taking care of things and learning how to make things last, a useful skill that can help stretch dollars today. We honor our possessions when we take good care of them. This quiet January is the perfect time to tackle a few maintenance tasks and take care of … Read more

Create a Peaceful Home

Beautiful home


Dear friends,

Last year I removed our vast collection of vases from the cabinet, removed the pieces that no longer “sparked joy” as tidying guru Marie Kondo recommends, and reduced the number by more than half.

Empty spaces in a cabinet? Believe me, this was a whole new concept for me. But what used to be a jam-packed

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